15 Steps to Setting up your business correctly


But you do NOT have to set it up in your home state.

In fact, there are some huge advantages to looking outside your own states boarders.

So…In what state should I form my corporation; Nevada, Delaware, or somewhere else?”


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There is no single answer to the “what state is best” question. The answer depends on the nature and scope of the corporation’s objectives. Set out below are some of the most important considerations.

Nevada offers many advantages for small corporations:

1. Nevada is the only state to offer “charging order protection” to the shareholders of corporations. Only Nevada corporations protect against “outside liabilities.”
2. “Nominee” (proxy) officers are possible in Nevada. These prevent your name from appearing in the public record.
3. Nevada has no state corporate taxes.
4. Nevada has no franchise tax.
5. Nevada has no tax on corporate shares.
6. Nevada has no personal income tax.
7. Nevada provides total privacy of shareholders.
8. Nevada has minimal reporting and disclosure requirements.
9. Nevada has nominal annual fees.
10. Nevada allows for a one-person corporation.
11. Nevada has established case law that prevents easy piercing of the corporate veil.
12. Corporate officers and directors can be protected from any personal liability for their lawful acts on behalf of the corporation. This includes situations where corporate directors received undisclosed personal benefits. ) This is not the case in Delaware.)
13. Stockholders, directors and officers need not live or hold meetings in Nevada, or even be U.S. citizens.
14. There is no minimum initial capital requirement to incorporate.
15. Nevada corporations may issue stock for capital, services, personal property, or real estate. The directors alone may determine the value of any such transactions, and their decision is final.

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