3 interesting reasons you don’t get anything done

Sometimes the best way to teach someone what to do
is by revealing the polar opposite. In this case, instead of
learning how to get things done – let's look at how to get
nothing accomplished.

Yes, let's look at three seemingly valid reasons you don't
achieve your goals – and none of them, conveniently,
are your fault. None of them have anything to do with

The way I see it, there's nothing you cannot accomplish
provided you do ONE THING.

“What's that?” you ask.

“Identify and systematically eliminate all distractions.”

That's right. Once you've freed yourself of all distractions,
what else is there for you to do? You're down to one thing
staring at you, nudging you to “get ‘er done.”

Okay, so what would I classify as a distraction?

Well, do you want me to be brutally honest or soft-pedal
the answer to be politically correct?

Brutally honest, you say. Alright then, here goes the list
of distractions/reasons you can't get anything major (or
minor) accomplished:

1. Family – uh oh, that wasn't very nice, was it? But it's the
truth. You'd have all your goals accomplished 100x over
if it wasn't for your parents, spouse, teenagers, middle
schoolers, toddlers and babies.

So blame your family. They got in your way. They're the
biggest reason you're getting nothing done.

2. Social Media – well, that was nicer than blaming your
family – but come on, you love chit-chatting and posting
your opinions, pictures, videos and so on – and people
like it. Don't they? Okay great. How much of what you
contribute is helping you get what you want out of

3. Television and talk radio – just think how much you'd
get done each day if you didn't have to watch your favorite
program or listen to two or three hours of radio?

Okay, so now you know the top 3 reasons – but there are
millions more. These are what I've observed to be foremost
in helping you accomplish the least.

So what to do about these distractions? How do remove
‘family' as a distraction? And social media? And television/

It's really quite simple.

In fact, the “way out” of the mess is so easy most people
won't pay it any head. Only those who want wisdom and
the rewards that go with it.

So you need to make a decision to either “get smart” – or
live your life on everyone else's terms.

And the answer isn't to get rid of your family, to stop using
social media and throw out your TV

Alright, so what's the answer then?

“Anything you're not getting done, anything you think
is too difficult, can be accomplished with far greater ease if
you'll do two things: One, go to bed. Two, get up at
least an hour before anyone else in your home.”

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