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15 Steps to Setting up your business correctly

15 Steps to Setting up your business correctly

YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO SET UP A BUSINESS TO MAKE BIG MONEY IN YOUR LIFE But you do NOT have to set it up in your home state. In fact, there are some huge advantages to looking outside your own states boarders. So…In what state should I form my corporation; Nevada, Delaware, or somewhere

Use Localization to beat the pants of the competition ?

Localization Can Fight Off Competition Starting a profitable business is not as easy as it used to be and many young entrepreneurs strand before they even get started. Even though good research can prevent a failing business, localization is now the way to go if you want to beat your competition! What Is Localization? Business

Simple ways to calculate employer payroll taxes

Calculating the correct amount for the taxes can be tricky. While it would be simple if taxes were based on employees gross pay, payroll generally doesn’t work like that.   For more help getting started, we encourage you to check out our business calculators. While they shouldn’t be used to calculate exact taxes or payroll,

When is the Best Time to Trademark Your Company Name?

For the new business that is just starting out, a common question is, “When is the right time to file a trademark application?” Should business owners bother registering before their product or service is ready, or just wait until they’re ready to officially launch to the marketplace? In the U.S., a business gets common law

Small Business Trends -Satmetrix

The Net Promoter Score has been used for years to help companies understand the role customer loyalty plays in the financial health of their organizations – assisting them in determining what actions should be taken to drive referrals and longer customer relationships. Richard Owen, CEO of Satmetrix, joins us to discuss how the role of