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Pubslush is the Kickstarter of Publishing

Pubslush is the Kickstarter of Publishing

Small business owners and other independent authors interested in publishing their own books have traditionally had a couple of options. They can find a more traditional publisher, then help promote the book on their website, through speaking engagements or in any other way and be paid an advance and eventually a royalty for their work.

Eldercare Solutions for the Silent Small Business Problem

Chances are there’s someone on your staff who suffers excess stress as a daily reality — employees who care for elderly parents. And while eldercare has some of the same challenges as caring for children, there are some important differences. First, eldercare is often wildly unpredictable. You never know when a parent will be hurt, hospitalized or

Small Business Loans Bounce Back in November

Big bank lending to small businesses rebounded in November and resumed a positive trend that has lasted much of the year. This latest data from Biz2Credit’s Small Business Lending Index should be good news to any small business owner seeking more capital to expand or diversify their operations. According to the November 2014 Biz2Credit Small

10 Mega Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eye On

Are you keeping your eye on the latest marketing trends. Members of our small business community have already dissected these upcoming trends and have tips to share. For suggestions on capitalizing off of these major trends, read on. This week’s Small Business Trends community and information roundup has a list of 10 mega marketing trends

Koch’s Turkey Farm Carves Out Niche Supplying Whole Foods

In a world where big businesses thrive by driving food prices down and lowering quality and nutritional value, Koch’s Turkey Farm is the exception. Located near Tamaqua, Pa., the small family farm has proven that quality products can be worth the extra money. That’s especially true when consumers are worried about making health conscious choices.