Use Localization to beat the pants of the competition ?

Localization Can Fight Off Competition
Starting a profitable business is not as easy as it used to be and many young entrepreneurs strand before they even get started. Even though good research can prevent a failing business, localization is now the way to go if you want to beat your competition!
What Is Localization?
Business who use localization will promote their business in their region. If you are just starting out, there is no point in trying to fight giant corporations who have been established in your industry for years. The only thing you can do is getting your foot through the door by promoting your business locally. Consumers like to have an expert nearby and will choose their services over another. Many new businesses execute their marketing globally, missing out on opportunities that are right in front of them.
How to Implement Localization?localization

Localization can be implemented in many different ways, online as well as offline. Every good business should start by localizing its website, creating specialized pages mentioning the regions they offer their services or products in. If implemented correctly, potential clients who are looking for local businesses will be able to find you instead of a competitor who is advertising globally.
The business website is not the only part of your localization plan, because you need to apply the same principle on your social media pages and even advertisements. You will get more local customers if you mention the region you cover in an advertisement. The same goes for your Facebook page. Place an emphasis on the area you are covering and try to make new connections in your current area. This could lead to new leads and potential sales. Your business will also get more exposure locally, ensuring that people know you are there!
Next to social media, online advertisements and your own website, you can also localize by submitting your business to the local newspapers or business listings, for example yelp.
By localizing each and every part of your business, you are able to create a very strong buzz locally. If you would try to do the same globally, you would be lost in a sea of competitors and basically crossing the ocean on a floating door. So there is only one message for starting entrepreneurs, think big, but think locally.

Written By  : Tabitha Jean Naylor
Founder of Successful Startup 101 Magazine and Owner of

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